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Breed station Basenji Congo

We are taking orders for puppies. If you are interested in a Basenji puppy,
contact us at +421910977340

Basenji is a quiet, non-barking dog. A kind and sensitive companion, loving children and members of his family. However, he is ready to meet his peers in battle at any time.
Stubborn dog during training, but he will do everything for his master's attention. He takes care of his fur himself, licks himself like a cat, does not smell, so he is very clean. Incorrectly called a CAT DOG. Their nature attracted the attention of the Egyptian pharaohs, who received them as gifts and kept them company. Basenji does not like to listen, he has his own head, he can think for himself and understands your every word.. He is very intelligent. If his nature will not cause you problems, then you are suitable as the owner of this wonderful ARISTOCRAT.

I am convinced that if a dog go for BASENJI!